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Presto Lifts Announces a New Model of the LiftStik

Presto LiftStik PLS 53-150Presto Lifts has introduced a new model for their popular LiftStik line. The new PLS 53-150’s compact design, powered lifting and superior maneuverability make the LiftStik™ Model PLS53-150 ideal for countless jobs in stockrooms, assembly areas, work cells laboratories, offices, retail stores, manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical facilities.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling
  • Load is carried directly over wheels for excellent stability
  • Ergonomic handle with easy access fingertip lift switch
  • Fast lifting speed – 4.75 inches per second
  • Over 48″ of vertical travel to position loads up to 53″
  • Four swivel casters – rear castes with locks
  • Choose 17.25″ x 15.5″ wood laminated or 19.5″ x 19.5″ HDPE platform

Presto Skid Lifter


Presto Lifts, Inc. announces the availability of a new skid lifter. Designed to pick up a load on a skid or open-bottom pallet, the Presto Skid Lifter can transport the load to a workplace and then raise it to a convenient working height. It is ideal for feeding presses, binders, cutters, conveyors and a wide variety of production machines.

The unit has a 3000-lb. capacity and a raised height of up to 32”. Lift is achieved by a two-speed manual pump. For loads under 600 lbs., the unit automatically goes into “Quick Lift” mode so the forks can be raised the full 32” in just 18 strokes of the ergonomically designed steer handle. For heavier loads the unit shifts to “Ergo Lift” mode, raising the forks to full height in 55 strokes. Automatic load stabilizers prevent the unit from being moved when the load is raised. Standard forks are 45” long with an outside dimension of 27” or 20.5”.

Presto Lifts Lift Stik

For all you New England and Upstate NY dealers we have a model 220 Lift Stik available to demo right out of the Attleboro, MA home office. Contact the Presto office directly or see the Contact Us page on this site.


The Lift Stik from Presto Lifts may be the most versatile lifter transporter ever built. Its innovative compact design distributes the load evenly over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors.

Lift is achieved by a powered, continuous chain in the Lift Stik’s single mast. The narrow mast design provides unmatched visibility. A hand-held push-button remote allows the operator to lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit and at dual speeds for safe, efficient control. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero drift and no possibility of messy hydraulic leaks. The battery-charge indicator is mounted centrally on the push handle in direct view, and an auto-cutoff function prevents overcharging.

Ideal for stockrooms, assembly areas, laboratories, offices, and retail stores, Lift Stiks™ are available in four models with load capacities ranging from 185 to 445 lbs. Maximum lift heights of the platform/forks range from 52” to 65”. The unit’s ergonomic contoured “sponge grip” handles can be adjusted to accommodate operators of different heights.


Units are available with either platform or fork design.