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Latest Cogan Condo Locker Job Installs in Portland, ME

cogan-condo-lockers-portland-me  A luxury 113 unit condo will be opening soon in the vibrant east end of Portland Maine. Cogan Condo Lockers are installed to make the most out of the tenant storage space off the parking area. Designed especially for the condominium industry, Cogan single tier tenant storage lockers unique unframed design means fast, efficient installation for on time and on budget projects.


Whether you’re a condo board or general contractor, Prime Alliance Marketing can work with you to develop a cost effective solution to your tenant storage needs.

Latest Cogan Condo Locker Project in Boston, MA

The Boston Tea PartyThe latest Cogan Condo Locker project will be installed in a basement area of a landmark building in the City of Boston, MA. The plaque shows a bit of the buildings past history. The condo association recently took over a section in the basement and want to use a portion of the new space for Tenant Storage Lockers. A site visit has been done and the final design is being worked out. The space feature several different ceiling heights which need to be incorporated in the design.

Chelsea, MA Condo Locker Project Completed

Cogan Condo Locker 3The Cogan Condo Locker job in Chelsea, MA is now complete and the tenants are happy with their new storage space. 16 lockers were installed and provide secure storage for everything from bikes to holiday decorations.

Make the most out of your basement storage area with Cogan freestanding lockers. The #1 choice among condo developers in North America.

Designed especially for the condominium industry, our freestanding single tier tenant storage lockers use a heavy-duty 2″ x 2″ x 6&8 GA welded wire mesh construction. The unique, unframed design means our condo lockers do not require angle frame. This allows for any necessary trimming around water pipes, ventilation systems, and wall irregularities that need to be done on site, significantly reducing installation time and cost. The galvanized finish is corrosion-resistant for long lasting, maintenance-free protection. Your system will look great even after years of use.

Latest Cogan Condo Locker Job in Greater Boston

Cogan Tenant LockersThe association at this greater Boston Condo is putting 16 Cogan Single Tier Tenant Storage lockers along this wall. This condo is in an old industrial building and when it was being converted, the market ran into the downturn. Like so many other Condo projects, when the going got tough, the first thing to be cut were the tenant storage lockers. Many condos that had the lockers cut are now seeing the advantages to safe secure property storage. They called us, we measured, worked out a design and plan to install shortly. The association plans to make their investment back in no time.

Make the most out of your basement storage area with Cogan single tier tenant storage lockers. Designed especially for the condominium industry, our tenant storage lockers provide more of everything you need – a clean, attractive design, simple assembly, adaptability and affordability.