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Cogan Condo Lockers Install in Boston, MA

Cogan will be installing Condo Storage Lockers this month in a new Condo in Boston, MA. 38 Lockers will be spread throughout the parking area for tenant storage.

This building is new construction but Cogan Lockers can be retrofitted into any existing Condo or apartment.

Cogan Mezzanine Video

Cogan Mezzanine at a New Auto Dealership

A Cogan mezzanine is seen here in the beginning stages of installation at a new car dealership in western Massachusetts. The parts department will be created above and below the Mezz.

Cogan Free Standing Tenant Storage Lockers

Cogan Free Standaing Tenant Storage Lockers

Make the most out of your basement storage area with Cogan freestanding lockers. The #1 choice among condo developers in North America.

Designed especially for the condominium industry, our freestanding single tier tenant storage

lockers boast a heavy-duty 2”x2”x6&8GA welded wire mesh construction. The unique, unframed design means our condo lockers do not require angle frame. This allows for any necessary trim- ming around water pipes, ventilation systems, and wall irregularities to be done right on-site, signi cantly reducing installation time and cost. The galvanized nish is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting, maintenance-free protection. Your system looks great even after years of use.

Put Prime Alliance Marketing to work for you, free estimates and site condition visits are included with every quote.


New England High Volume Packager Adds a Cogan Mezzanine

Cogan Mezzanine New England A New England fast paced, high volume packager with plenty of vertical space and not enough floor space saw the need for a Cogan Mezzanine. They realized installing the Mezzanine is the fastest most cost effective way to get the space they need.

The Cogan Mezzanine will be installed over their highly automated packaging line. The space on the mezzanine above the production line will be used for storage and staging of packing supplies. A Cogan Safety Gate will be installed to allow for safe transfer by forklift to get the supplies to the production line.

The freed up floor space will be used to stage shipments of the finished product making that operation much more efficient and productive.

Cogan Multi-Purpose Mezzanine Storage

Cogan Multi-Purpose Storage MezzaninesIncrease your manufacturing or warehouse capacity fast. Double your floorspace without incurring moving, renovation or new construction costs.

Increase your manufacturing capacity fast with a high performance Cogan Mezzanine. Whether you need a little or a lot more floor space, Cogan has the perfect mezzanine solution to fit your warehouse, your timing, and your budget. Our engineers will work closely with you to transform existing unused vertical space into a profitable storage area. No contractors. No architects. Just send us your additional space requirements and we will return an AutoCAD drawing showing precisely how your mezzanine will be configured within the existing layout of your warehouse, matching its exact height, area and load requirements. Best of all, each Cogan Mezzanine comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty for your peace of mind. Use Cogan mezzanines to increase efficiency in your parts department, stock room, locker room, office, retail store, or on your production floor. Modular components mean our mezzanines are easily adaptable to grow with your business.

Nexel Folding Wire Containers

Nexel Wire Folding Wire Container PicNexel Folding Wire Container 

Open mesh construction provides excellent visibility of contents, easy inventory control eliminates dust and dirt build up. Sets up in seconds, folds flat to save space and shipping costs. One piece heavy duty folding wire container features wire mesh arc welded to a channel formed steel base. Sides and corners are heavily reinforced. Stacking legs permit handling by forklift or pallet truck; legs are notched to interlock for positive stacking. Add a hinged lid for security. Make the container mobile with a caster kit.

Metalware Shelving Hi-Rise Storage System Phase 1

Phase 1 of a multi-phase Metalware Hi-Rise Shelving job to get the end users inventory of electronic components off of pallets and into a storage system that makes the picking process efficient and cost effective. The Metalware Shelving was engineered at 20′-8″ high with 13 storage openings. Man aboard High Rise picking trucks are used in the operation.

The end user has now filled two entire buildings with the same 20′-8″ high Metalware Hi-Rise Shelving. Close to tripling the amount of shelving in Phase 1.