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Nexel Rivet Lock Extra Heavy Duty Shelving

Nexel Rivet Lock Extra Heavy Duty ShelvingRivet Lock Shelving from Nexel Industries.

Roll formed frame shelves provide rigidity and strength. Shelves adjust in 1.5″ increments for added options. Easy assembly, no tools required. Extra heavy duty models have double rivet beam on all levels. Available in two baked enamel finishes Gray or Tan.

Metalware Shelving Supported Mezzanine

Metalware Shelving Supported Mezzanines

Metalware Shelving Supported Mezzanines allow you to double your shelving storage within the same footprint.

Stop wasting space and go vertical. If you have the space available, why not use it. With Metalware’s standard components you can add a second story to your shelving layout. Our snap in cross-aisle supports install in seconds and provide a solid foundation for your second story walkway. Twice the shelving in the same footprint.

 Here you can see the bar grating walkway installed over Metalware’s standard Cross-Aisle supports. Quick, economical and easy! twice as much shelving installed in the same footprint.

Metalware Hi-Rise Steel Shelving

Metalware Hi-Rise shelving gives you access to all the space your warehouse has to offer. Often overlooked is the vertical space going to waste in most warehouse settings. Use all of your available space by going Hi-Rise. Metalware offers a strong and economical way to utilize this space with it’s ability to reach over 20 feet in height. Metalware, over 55 years in the shelving business. Shelving is all we do.