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Cogan Mezzanine to Install Next Week in Central Mass

This Cogan Mezzanine will be installed next week above a new production area. The mezzanine will be used primarily to support equipment used in the manufacturing process. Personnel access to the deck will be limited and a Cogan Caged Ladder used to access the deck when necessary. We’ve also incorporated a 5′ lift out gate allowing forklift access to a pallet drop area on the deck. The deck will extend to the walls on both the North and West sides of the mezzanine. By extending the deck right to the wall it eliminates the need for handrail and saves on some cost.

The deck is also cantilevered over an existing curb that protrudes into the room on the West end of the drawing. It’s quite common for curbs, pipes, ventilation and other obstacles to be present in the areas you want to install a mezzanine in. It’s important to take them all into account and design accordingly before the mezzanine is manufactured and delivered.

Cogan Mezzanine for Bakery Progressing Nicely

A growing baking operation in western Mass needed more space for their facilities maintenance operation. They had outgrown their existing area which included a mezzanine so they understand the advantages to using mezzanines, use the available air space and keep the floor space open for production! There was plenty of air space over a walk in cooler a short distance from the shop and a cat walk was designed to connect the 2 mezzanines. The new Cogan Mezzanine space will provide storage space for both pallet locations and shelving to hold the ever growing maintenance inventory.

Newest Cogan Mezzanine being installed in New England

Here’s small photo gallery showing the area where the latest Cogan Mezzanine will be installed in New England. The end user, a lubricant distributor, in central Mass needed to free up some valuable warehouse space. They were storing pallets of empty pails which were taking up the precious floor space needed for finished product. A Cogan Mezzanine is the obvious solution for this application. The vertical space above the filling line was there but couldn’t be used. Once completed, the Cogan Mezzanine will provide storage space for pallets of pails while freeing up valuable floor space for finished product.

Cogan Hardware Store Mezzanine

Cogan Hardware MezzanineHave you outgrown your retail location? Install a Cogan Mezzanine and transform unused vertical space into an additional display area. Hardware stores and other renovation-based retailers stock a variety of inventory that can easily get out of hand. Adjusting to a new location is not only inconvenient, but time lost due to a move can be extremely expensive. Avoid downtime and eliminate clutter by creating a second floor within your existing facility. With seamless organization and easy aisle flow, the enhanced shopping experience will bring back customers again and again.

Newest Cogan Mezzanine Being Installed in Connecticut

Here is a few shots of the latest Cogan Mezzanines project being installed at a large grocery supply companies new vehicle maintenance building in Connecticut. Warner Specialty Products was the dealer on this job. The mezzanine includes “U” shaped stairways at both ends, a bar grating deck, a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) by others, and a high capacity walkway down the center of the deck. The mezzanine will be used to store vehicle parts to feed the repair and maintenance work for the shop. Shelving will be installed on the mezzanine’s deck to provide the storage space. The VRC will be used to move product between the storage levels. The high capacity walkway is where the heavy, concentrated loads on pallets will be brought by pallet jack to the appropriate shelving aisle for storage.

Cogan Mezzanines provide a fast, cost effective way to put the unused vertical space you already have to work for you. Look up, do you have space already available to turn into that valuable storage space you need right now?

Latest Cogan Mezzanine to be Relocated in New England

One benefit of a free standing mezzanine is that it’s a piece of equipment that can be moved from location to location. Here a machine shop in Connecticut moved to a new facility taking their 10 year old Cogan Freestanding Mezzanine along with them. Once the re-installation process is complete the mezzanine can be used just as before or repurposed for the needs of the new facility.