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Metalware Shelving Hi-Rise Storage System Phase 1

Phase 1 of a multi-phase Metalware Hi-Rise Shelving job to get the end users inventory of electronic components off of pallets and into a storage system that makes the picking process efficient and cost effective. The Metalware Shelving was engineered at 20′-8″ high with 13 storage openings. Man aboard High Rise picking trucks are used in the operation.

The end user has now filled two entire buildings with the same 20′-8″ high Metalware Hi-Rise Shelving. Close to tripling the amount of shelving in Phase 1.

Metalware Interlok No Bolt Shelving

Metalware Shelving

Why Metalware? Metalware has been making steel shelving for well over 50 years. It’s the only thing we make, enough said. Making only the one product allows us to focus on making some of the strongest and most ecinomical shelving on the market today.

  • Metalware uses one style of post, the T-Post. No angles to assemble, no worrying about getting it wrong during the install.
  • We’ve recently added a box beam shelf. Hey, better late than never, right? Less steel, less money, with more capacity. Can’t argue with that!
  • Installers love putting up Metalware. The compression fit of the shelf and clip allow for quick and accurate installations.
  • Open style or closed style of shelving are available. Our end pannel assemblies are welded, not bolted, saving valuable assembly time. 

Metalware Steel Shelving is ideal for Archival Storage of boxes or X-rays, High Rise picking applications, Tool rooms, and of course, general storage.

Metalware Shelving Box Shelf

 Metalware Shelving introduced a box style shelf. Less steel, less cost with more capacity!

Metalware Shelving Supported Mezzanines

Metalware Shelving Supported Mezzanines allow you to double your shelving storage within the same footprint.

Stop wasting space and go vertical. If you have the space available, why not use it. With Metalware’s standard components you can add a second story to your shelving layout. Our snap in cross-aisle supports install in seconds and provide a solid foundation for your second story walkway. Twice the shelving in the same footprint.

 Here you can see the bar grating walkway installed over Metalware’s standard Cross-Aisle supports. Quick, economical and easy! twice as much shelving installed in the same footprint.

Latest Metalware Shelving Hi-Rise Installation


Here’s a photo of the latest Metalware Hi-Rise shelving installation taking place at a electronic component distributer in New England. This installation consists of 400 sections of Metalware Shelving, 24″ x 48″ x 20′-8″ tall with 14 shelves per section, arranged in 5 double rows 40 long. Here you can see the installer has positioned the first sections of each row in their proper location and will build out each row in succession.

Metalware Hi-Rise Steel Shelving

Metalware Hi-Rise shelving gives you access to all the space your warehouse has to offer. Often overlooked is the vertical space going to waste in most warehouse settings. Use all of your available space by going Hi-Rise. Metalware offers a strong and economical way to utilize this space with it’s ability to reach over 20 feet in height. Metalware, over 55 years in the shelving business. Shelving is all we do.