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ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

SizzrDoc HLD Series Loading Dock Lifts

The most completely equipped loading docks by Presto ECOA, with the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 6,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 in. to 96 x 144 in.

Standard Features

  • Safety tread steel plate platform and bridge plate with 2 safety chains
  • Removable steel handrails
  • Four safety chains with snap hooks
  • Structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes
  • Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
  • Velocity fuses on cylinders
  • Upper travel limit switch
  • Mechanical upper travel back-up stops
  • Double wire braid pressure hoses
  • 5 HP. 230/460V. 3PH.60Hz
  • Pushbutton pendant control
  • 24V operating control voltage




Pro-Mat 2013, Chicago

20130121-103627.jpghello from the floor at Pro-Mat 2013. The show just opened and things are beginning to ramp up. We’re looking forward to a great show.

Presto Tandem Scissor Lifts

Presto Tandem Scissor Lift

Presto Lifts adds a line of Tandem Scissor Lifts to it’s ever expanding arsenal of products. Tandem lift tables provide level rise for long loads such as lumber, pipes, sheets, bar stock, and assemblies. Tandem lift tables are typically used as feeder tables for tube welders, formers, and panel saws as well as for bundling and banding bar stock, lumber and other materials.

Features of the Presto Tandem Scissor Lift Tables are:

  • Upper travel limit switch and Lifting eyes included on all Tandem Scissor Lifts
  • Application information must be reviewed for all Tandem lifts. Approval drawings will be provided


Presto Lifts, Post Lift Tables

 Presto Post Lift Tables

Whether you choose manual foot pump or electric lift, these tables are excellent transporters and work positioners. Smooth lifting and lowering is achieved by a central lifting cylinder. Manual units have a foot operated hydraulic pump with tip toe release. Battery powered units use an electromechanical screw drive powered by a 12 volt, 35 amp, gel cell, maintenence free battery and come with a 10 amp battery charger.




  • 1000 – 4000 lbs capacity
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump on P Series
  • 12 volt DC screw drive linear actuator on Battery Operated Series
  • Foot operated floor lock
  • Push-button control on BP Series
  • Integrated push/pull handle
  • 2 fixed and 2 swivel phenolic casters

Presto Lifts Lift Stik

For all you New England and Upstate NY dealers we have a model 220 Lift Stik available to demo right out of the Attleboro, MA home office. Contact the Presto office directly or see the Contact Us page on this site.


The Lift Stik from Presto Lifts may be the most versatile lifter transporter ever built. Its innovative compact design distributes the load evenly over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors.

Lift is achieved by a powered, continuous chain in the Lift Stik’s single mast. The narrow mast design provides unmatched visibility. A hand-held push-button remote allows the operator to lift or lower the platform from any side of the unit and at dual speeds for safe, efficient control. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero drift and no possibility of messy hydraulic leaks. The battery-charge indicator is mounted centrally on the push handle in direct view, and an auto-cutoff function prevents overcharging.

Ideal for stockrooms, assembly areas, laboratories, offices, and retail stores, Lift Stiks™ are available in four models with load capacities ranging from 185 to 445 lbs. Maximum lift heights of the platform/forks range from 52” to 65”. The unit’s ergonomic contoured “sponge grip” handles can be adjusted to accommodate operators of different heights.


Units are available with either platform or fork design.