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Akro Mils ULTRA/Deck® Platform Truck Video

Akro Mils Plastic Container Selection Guide

Super Sized AkroBins for Hospital Use

Super Sized Akro Bins

Akro Mils Super Sized AkroBins are perfect for storing large and bulky medical items such as IV bags, bed linens and other supplies. Mobile units allow stacks of these bins to be moved to and removed from areas quickly.

Akro-Mils has created a PDF resource that explains compliance issues regarding floor clutter and safety, and how these industry-leading large plastic storage bins can eliminate those issues. Click here to access the full PDF.

Prime Alliance Adds Akro-Mils to Their Line Card

Akro MilsWill Wright and Prime Alliance Marketing are pleased to announce the addition of Akro-Mils to the lines we represent here in the New England territory. Akron-Mils products handle your toughest challenges! Their industry-leading line of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport and material handling products are designed for industrial, medical, retail and home settings.