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Presto Lifts Introduces the All New P3-SPRING


P3-SPRING Features

  • Load height adjusts automatically
  • Spring actuated – No power required
  • Low-friction turntable
  • Efficient Compact Design
  • Stable base – No lagging required
  • Fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Includes; Set of 3 calibrated springs
  • Handles loads from 400 lbs to 4,500 lbs

The P3-SPRING Level Loader from Presto Lifts improves the efficiency of manual pallet loading and unloading jobs by eliminating bending, stretching, and walking around the pallet.

Heavy-duty calibrated springs lower or raise pallets as boxes are added or removed. The anti-friction turntable top lets workers stand in the same position throughout the loading and unloading process.

The P3-SPRING is designed so that its base and all components fit within the diameter of the turntable ring. This allows workers to stand up close to the unit at any position around the ring with no obstructions to reach over.

Presto 70 Years

Presto Lifts P3-AA All Around Pallet Positioner

Presto Lifts P3-AA All Around Load LevelerPresto Lifts P3-AA All Around Pallet Positioner is the way to go. Easy to operate, relocatable and affordable.

Build or breakdown pallet loads with a minimum of bending or reaching.Self-Leveling Positioner automatically maintains pallet at a consistently comfortable work height. As layers of product are added or removed, a combination of a permanently mounted spring and reinforced rubber airbag assures work remains at an ergonomic height, increasing productivity. Limited lifetime warranty airbag is completely protected to prevent accidental puncture. Fully self-contained and does not require a constant air source. Simply charge the unit via single air connection (requires initial air pressure of 7 to 62 psi) and integral fork pockets allow easy movement by forklift. Complete with air pressure gauge and relief valve. 400 lbs. minimum/4500 lbs. maximum capacity. Base has wide footprint for stability and does not require unit to be lagged to the floor. 43-5/8″O.D. carousel, with 9-1/2″ lowered height and 27-3/4″ raised height.

New From Presto Lifts: P3PH Powered Pallet Positioner

Powered P3PH Powered Pallet PositionerThis operator controlled Presto P3PH-24 fills the need where loads, weights and pallet sizes are not consistent. Using a foot controller, the operator can adjust the pallet height from 8 3/4″ to 33 1/2″ for ergonomic comfort. Like the P3-AA the P3PH-24 features a 43″ diameter ring style turntable, foot control, 6″ x 2″ fork pockets and can be relocated with a fork truck. Power required is 115v single phase. Available in 2,000 and 4,000lb capacity.

Presto Lifts P3 is Even Better Now

20130124-154919.jpgPresto Lifts unveiled their new P3 Pallet Positioner at Pro-Mat this week. The new leg design and fork pockets take some weight off the machine. Looked pretty slick and will be shipping soon.

Presto Gives Palletizing a Lift

P3 Self-Leveling Pallet Positioner

I does more work, to make you more efficient!

Stop bending, stooping and twisting — reduce injury and increase productivity with the Presto P3 Pallet Positioner!

  • Does not require a dedicated air line
  • Automatically raises and lowers as boxes are added and removed
  • Turntable top with full 360 degree rotation
  • Anti-friction bearings for easy turning
  • Can handle loads up to 4500 lbs

Presto Lifts P4 Load Leveler


A new hydraulic load leveler for use in the manual loading and unloading of pallets has been introduced by Presto Lifts Inc.

The P4 improves worker productivity and reduces fatigue. Its platform lowers to floor height so that pallets can be placed and removed using a hand pallet truck.

In loading operations, a pallet is placed on the platform and the platform is raised by hydraulic power to its full “UP” position. As goods are loaded onto the pallet, the platform is lowered so that each succeeding tier of goods can be loaded at the same height.

When unloading pallets, the platform starts at its lowest height and is progressively raised so that each succeeding tier of goods can be removed at the same height.

When unloading pallets, the platform starts at its lowest height and is progressively raised so that each succeeding tier of goods can be removed at the same height.

The P4 can be accessed from all four sides. Units are equipped with a photoelectric toe guard which will stop downward travel if the beam is interrupted.
The units have capacities up to 4000 lbs., making them suitable for most pallet loads that can be moved with hand equipment.