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Plant Visit with Presto ECOA

I had the chance to get out on a Rep training visit with Presto ECOA to the factory in Manila, AR. The reps from around the country were out there to get training on the new ECOA line and to be brought up to speed on how the transition is going.

Production is in full swing and lead times are improving every week. The engineering took some time to straighten out and we can expect steady improvement on delivery times.

Below are a few shots from the floor of the factory showing a few ECOA models being built.



Presto Adds ECOA to their Line of Products

In late 2016 ECOA became part of the Presto Lifts family. We are proud to continue the ECOA tradition of excellence that began in 1960.

Our line of ECOA Industrial Lifting Products include: Lift Tables, Extended Vertical Travel Lifts, Heavy-Duty Lifts, Upenders and Tilters, and Custom Designed Products.

Why is Presto Lifts the Best Source for Pneumatic Lifts?

Presto's Pneumatic LiftsPresto Lifts offers umatched Product Selection and the Best Warranty in the Industry.

Presto Lifts range of pneumatic lifts feature:

  • Lift/Tilt and Lift/Rotate combination models, and Lift only or Tilt only function models.
  • Load capacities up to 8000 lbs.
  • Tilt models feature 30 or 45 degrees of tilt.
  • Pedestal mounted controls or foot controls.
  • Industry Best Warranty – 5 years structural / 2 years parts & a lifetime warranty on the air bag actuator.

Modified platforms, custom lip designs and many more options are available.

Presto Lifts, Post Lift Tables

 Presto Post Lift Tables

Whether you choose manual foot pump or electric lift, these tables are excellent transporters and work positioners. Smooth lifting and lowering is achieved by a central lifting cylinder. Manual units have a foot operated hydraulic pump with tip toe release. Battery powered units use an electromechanical screw drive powered by a 12 volt, 35 amp, gel cell, maintenence free battery and come with a 10 amp battery charger.




  • 1000 – 4000 lbs capacity
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump on P Series
  • 12 volt DC screw drive linear actuator on Battery Operated Series
  • Foot operated floor lock
  • Push-button control on BP Series
  • Integrated push/pull handle
  • 2 fixed and 2 swivel phenolic casters