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ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

SizzrDoc HLD Series Loading Dock Lifts

The most completely equipped loading docks by Presto ECOA, with the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 6,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 in. to 96 x 144 in.

Standard Features

  • Safety tread steel plate platform and bridge plate with 2 safety chains
  • Removable steel handrails
  • Four safety chains with snap hooks
  • Structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes
  • Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
  • Velocity fuses on cylinders
  • Upper travel limit switch
  • Mechanical upper travel back-up stops
  • Double wire braid pressure hoses
  • 5 HP. 230/460V. 3PH.60Hz
  • Pushbutton pendant control
  • 24V operating control voltage




An ECOA Lift Table that could withstand seismic variations


 ECOA Lift produced a lift table that could withstand seismic variations. This customer needed a lift table that could withstand seismic variations (earth quakes) and remain stable and safe. The material that is on the lift is very toxic and dangerous. The operation required the material to be loaded on a carrier and the carrier was rolled on to the lift and raised to a height that allowed to material to be moved off the lift to its final destination.

The red cylinders control the added legs used for stability in case of ground vibrations. The lift is raised and the legs are then moved to a vertical position and aligned with cup receivers and lowered it to those receivers for security.
The operating system can not operate unless all moving parts are in there correct position and only then will the lift operate. If at any time any of the movable components become out of position the lift will immediately stop until the situation is corrected.

Because of the proximity to a very hot area the paint and components had to be of special material to resist the heat.

Why is Presto Lifts the Best Source for Pneumatic Lifts?

Presto's Pneumatic LiftsPresto Lifts Offers Unmatched Product Selection and the Best Warranty in the Industry…




Our Range of pneumatic lifts feature:

  • Lift/Tilt and Lift/Rotate combination models, and lift only or tilt only function models.
  • Load capacities up to 8000lbs.
  • Tilt models feature 30 or 45 degrees of tilt.
  • Pedestal mounted controls or foot controls.
  • Industry Best Warranty-5years structural / 2 years parts & a lifetime warranty on the air bag actuator.

Modified Platforms, custom lip designs and many more options are available.

Presto Tandem Scissor Lifts

Presto Tandem Scissor Lift

Presto Lifts adds a line of Tandem Scissor Lifts to it’s ever expanding arsenal of products. Tandem lift tables provide level rise for long loads such as lumber, pipes, sheets, bar stock, and assemblies. Tandem lift tables are typically used as feeder tables for tube welders, formers, and panel saws as well as for bundling and banding bar stock, lumber and other materials.

Features of the Presto Tandem Scissor Lift Tables are:

  • Upper travel limit switch and Lifting eyes included on all Tandem Scissor Lifts
  • Application information must be reviewed for all Tandem lifts. Approval drawings will be provided


Lift Table Information

Lift tables are used to raise and position workpieces for ergonomic access. They are used for material positioning, load positioning, or lifting in applications such as construction, automotive and garage service, electrical and power service, telecommunications, manufacturing, and inventory management. Lift tables are also used in the wire and cable industries and in other applications, such as painting, where access to above ground locations is required. Important specifications for lift tables include lift capacity, vertical lift travel, platform width, platform length, and actuation method. Lift capacity is the maximum force or load supported by the lift. Vertical lift travel describes the difference between fully lowered and fully raised lift positions. Platform width is the narrow dimension of the lift platform.  Platform length is the long dimension of the lift platform. Lift tables may be actuated by hand cranks, screw drives, foot pumping and ratcheting, pneumatic air cylinders and air motors, hydraulic cylinders and motors, or electrical motors.

There are a number of mechanisms by which industrial lift tables may be raised or lowered.  These include scissor lifts, screw lifts, rack and pinion lifts, telescoping lifts and articulated lifts. Scissor lifts use linked, folding support members to achieve lifts. The lifting action occurs when the members are drawn together, typically with a screw mechanism. Screw lifts employ the mechanical advantage of threads to lift a workpiece vertically.  Rack and pinion lifts function via a small drive gear (pinion) that drives a straight-toothed rack to lift the load. The telescoping lift mechanism has multiple sections that retract and extend into and out of each other. Articulated lifts have multiple sections that unfold or articulate to lift a platform or bucket. Frequently, cherry pickers are articulated lifts.

Features common to lift tables include tiltingrotating, counterbalance, wheels, hand or safety rails and truck mounting. Lift tables may have tilting and rotating functions in addition to lifting. A counterbalance is a weight feature on load lifts to prevent lift overturning without relying on legs or supports under the load. They may also come equipped with wheels to provide rolling for load transport and positioning; typically equipped with a brake or stabilizing outriggers. Hand and safety rails provide for personnel safety or to prevent load from falling or sliding off the lift.

Presto Lifts P4 Load Leveler


A new hydraulic load leveler for use in the manual loading and unloading of pallets has been introduced by Presto Lifts Inc.

The P4 improves worker productivity and reduces fatigue. Its platform lowers to floor height so that pallets can be placed and removed using a hand pallet truck.

In loading operations, a pallet is placed on the platform and the platform is raised by hydraulic power to its full “UP” position. As goods are loaded onto the pallet, the platform is lowered so that each succeeding tier of goods can be loaded at the same height.

When unloading pallets, the platform starts at its lowest height and is progressively raised so that each succeeding tier of goods can be removed at the same height.

When unloading pallets, the platform starts at its lowest height and is progressively raised so that each succeeding tier of goods can be removed at the same height.

The P4 can be accessed from all four sides. Units are equipped with a photoelectric toe guard which will stop downward travel if the beam is interrupted.
The units have capacities up to 4000 lbs., making them suitable for most pallet loads that can be moved with hand equipment.