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Presto Lifts Offers Many Ergonomic Solutions for Loading and Unloading Large Containers.

The effects of manual material handling represent the biggest single contributor to worker injury in the United States and the application of good ergonomic programs can reduce those incidences.

Choosing and operating the proper piece of equipment for the job at hand is one key to reducing injuries in the works place.

Unnecessary and improper worker activities result in bad ergonomics, which can lead to injury. Lifting, Stretching, Reaching, Bending, Stooping and Walking are the motions that need to be addressed in workplace activities.

In the first of a series highlighting Presto Lifts solutions to common Ergonomic problems is a gallery dealing with basket loading and unloading.

Large containers have become a way of life in many manufacturing environments. We’ve become accustomed to seeing various Wire Baskets, Plastic Bulk Boxes and Custom Carts at workstations on a daily basis. These large storage options create many ergonomic problems for the workforce. All of the 6 motions that create bad ergonomics come into play when improperly loading and unloading large containers. Presto Lifts offers many solutions when it comes to the ergonomic problems encountered when loading or unloading these large storage containers.

Why is Presto Lifts the Best Source for Pneumatic Lifts?

Presto's Pneumatic LiftsPresto Lifts Offers Unmatched Product Selection and the Best Warranty in the Industry…




Our Range of pneumatic lifts feature:

  • Lift/Tilt and Lift/Rotate combination models, and lift only or tilt only function models.
  • Load capacities up to 8000lbs.
  • Tilt models feature 30 or 45 degrees of tilt.
  • Pedestal mounted controls or foot controls.
  • Industry Best Warranty-5years structural / 2 years parts & a lifetime warranty on the air bag actuator.

Modified Platforms, custom lip designs and many more options are available.

Presto Lifts Joint Dealer Call

Put the knowledge of Presto Lifts to work for you. Enlist the help of Presto Lifts and nail the application. We’re always available to help with joint calls on end users. Presto Lifts engineering is second to none. Many custom applications have already been tackled and are in the books, just waiting to be used again.

Here you see a mobile wire basket being loaded in a less than ergonomic way. Presto Lifts offers many economical and reliable Lift and Tilt options to make just this sort of problem go away.

Thanks to Warner Specialty Products for inviting us on the joint call.

Presto Lifts Modified Lift and Tilt Table

The dealer was looking for a lift and tilt table with 1500 lbs of capacity, 96″L x 36″D tilt platform, tilting to 30 degrees, to be used in a clean room. Presto Lifts was able to offer a model XLD36-40/WT30-20, with 2000 lbs capacity, 30 degrees of  tilt, 48″W x 84″L lift platform, 42″W x 96″L tilt platform, bellow skirting, food grade hydraulic fluid, and a drip pan for the lift and tilt.