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Cogan Condo Lockers Install in Boston, MA

Cogan will be installing Condo Storage Lockers this month in a new Condo in Boston, MA. 38 Lockers will be spread throughout the parking area for tenant storage.

This building is new construction but Cogan Lockers can be retrofitted into any existing Condo or apartment.

Cogan Mezzanine Going into Boston’s Metro West

This Cogan Mezzanine is being installed in a new  vehicle dealership in Boston’s Metro West. The area above and below the mezzanine will be used for parts storage on steel shelving. The column lines fall where they won’t interfere with the flow of material or impact access to the storage area. A Cogan Mezzanine Safety Pivot Gate is included to allow for a safe pallet drop area on the mezzanine.

Cogan Mezzanine Video

Cogan Mezzanine to Install Next Week in Central Mass

This Cogan Mezzanine will be installed next week above a new production area. The mezzanine will be used primarily to support equipment used in the manufacturing process. Personnel access to the deck will be limited and a Cogan Caged Ladder used to access the deck when necessary. We’ve also incorporated a 5′ lift out gate allowing forklift access to a pallet drop area on the deck. The deck will extend to the walls on both the North and West sides of the mezzanine. By extending the deck right to the wall it eliminates the need for handrail and saves on some cost.

The deck is also cantilevered over an existing curb that protrudes into the room on the West end of the drawing. It’s quite common for curbs, pipes, ventilation and other obstacles to be present in the areas you want to install a mezzanine in. It’s important to take them all into account and design accordingly before the mezzanine is manufactured and delivered.

Latest Cogan Condo Locker Install in Western MA

Cogan’s Condo Locker Install in Western, MA

Here’s the latest Cogan Condo Locker job being installed in a condo renovation in Western Mass. The GC contacted us and we put him in touch with a local dealer who could make site visits to measure and check conditions as well as handle the turn key installation. Whether you’re new construction or retrofitting an existing building let Cogan design your Condo Locker solution.

Cogan Long Span Racking

Cogan has introduced a long span rack product to help utilize the unused space in your factory. It’s a unique product that can span up to 40 feet even with heavy loads. 





Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) with Cogan Cantilever Rack

Increase your storage capacity with a Cogan Very Narrow Aisle Cantilever Rack System.


If you’re looking to increase your storage capacity within your existing facility or moving your operation into a new facility, A Cogan Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack Storage System may be the solution for your storage needs. 

With a (VNA) System the aisle space between the rows of rack are greatly reduced and the stored product is retrieved using a specialized side loading fork lift. With the size of the aisles minimized, usually around 40%, storage space utilization can yield you an increase of between 45 to 50% compared to traditional rack layouts.

VNA storage systems typically use floor guides in the aisles and on the end of aisles. These rails work to guide the narrow aisle fork trucks through the pick aisles, allowing for a faster, easier and more efficient picking operation. The guide rails can be inserted into the rack base or anchored to the floor, independent of the rack structure. The end of aisle rails are welded on either end of the row to protect the entrance of each aisle allowing the fork lift driver to safely navigate around corners. Both types of guide rail are welded on site for a precise fit creating a solid, continuous guide rail.

Latest Cogan Condo Locker Job Installs in Portland, ME

cogan-condo-lockers-portland-me  A luxury 113 unit condo will be opening soon in the vibrant east end of Portland Maine. Cogan Condo Lockers are installed to make the most out of the tenant storage space off the parking area. Designed especially for the condominium industry, Cogan single tier tenant storage lockers unique unframed design means fast, efficient installation for on time and on budget projects.


Whether you’re a condo board or general contractor, Prime Alliance Marketing can work with you to develop a cost effective solution to your tenant storage needs.

Cogan Mezzanine at a New Auto Dealership

A Cogan mezzanine is seen here in the beginning stages of installation at a new car dealership in western Massachusetts. The parts department will be created above and below the Mezz.

Cogan’s New Long Span Racking


Cogan Long Span Racking

Cogan Long Span Racking is next level industrial storage. Engineered for wide loads, heavy loads and clear spans, Long Span Racking is designed to meet applications that exceed the capabilities of standard pallet racking.

Long-Span Racking derives its superior strength and flexibility from the use H-Beams instead of roll-formed steel. The result is an ultra-resilient racking system that can achieve up to 40’ spans without the loss of load capacity. Store oversized, bulky, awkwardly-shaped and even small loads with ease. Accommodate extra-wide pallets or drive-in storage for quick and safe loading.

Cogan Long-Span Racking will unlock new storage potential and maximize the amount of usable space within your facility. Bring us your toughest storage challenge and we’ll deliver a strong, reliable racking solution that fits your exact needs.