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Newest Cogan Mezzanine being installed in New England

Here’s small photo gallery showing the area where the latest Cogan Mezzanine will be installed in New England. The end user, a lubricant distributor, in central Mass needed to free up some valuable warehouse space. They were storing pallets of empty pails which were taking up the precious floor space needed for finished product. A Cogan Mezzanine is the obvious solution for this application. The vertical space above the filling line was there but couldn’t be used. Once completed, the Cogan Mezzanine will provide storage space for pallets of pails while freeing up valuable floor space for finished product.

New England High Volume Packager Adds a Cogan Mezzanine

Cogan Mezzanine New England A New England fast paced, high volume packager with plenty of vertical space and not enough floor space saw the need for a Cogan Mezzanine. They realized installing the Mezzanine is the fastest most cost effective way to get the space they need.

The Cogan Mezzanine will be installed over their highly automated packaging line. The space on the mezzanine above the production line will be used for storage and staging of packing supplies. A Cogan Safety Gate will be installed to allow for safe transfer by forklift to get the supplies to the production line.

The freed up floor space will be used to stage shipments of the finished product making that operation much more efficient and productive.

Mezzanines, Even at Over 7000 Square Feet, It’s Still a Game of Inches

Drawing of the Mezzanine being installed at a graphics company north of Boston

Drawing of the Cogan Mezzanine being installed at a graphics company north of Boston

Even at over 7000 square feet this, as with almost every other mezzanine is a game of inches. Trying to install steel in a space that’s already occupied is a BIG problem. Measuring the job is one of, if not the most important phases of a mezzanine job. Prime Alliance Marketing uses the latest in laser technology to assure accurate measurements. We also use our years of experience to scan the job site for obstructions or situations that might not be obvious to the less trained eye, but if not taken into account in the design, will be a problem once the steel starts going up. Stay tuned for more on this Cogan Mezzanine installation. It’s probably the most complex job that we’ve been involved in.

Cogan Hardware Store Mezzanine

Cogan Hardware MezzanineHave you outgrown your retail location? Install a Cogan Mezzanine and transform unused vertical space into an additional display area. Hardware stores and other renovation-based retailers stock a variety of inventory that can easily get out of hand. Adjusting to a new location is not only inconvenient, but time lost due to a move can be extremely expensive. Avoid downtime and eliminate clutter by creating a second floor within your existing facility. With seamless organization and easy aisle flow, the enhanced shopping experience will bring back customers again and again.

Newest Cogan Mezzanine Being Installed in Connecticut

Here is a few shots of the latest Cogan Mezzanines project being installed at a large grocery supply companies new vehicle maintenance building in Connecticut. Warner Specialty Products was the dealer on this job. The mezzanine includes “U” shaped stairways at both ends, a bar grating deck, a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) by others, and a high capacity walkway down the center of the deck. The mezzanine will be used to store vehicle parts to feed the repair and maintenance work for the shop. Shelving will be installed on the mezzanine’s deck to provide the storage space. The VRC will be used to move product between the storage levels. The high capacity walkway is where the heavy, concentrated loads on pallets will be brought by pallet jack to the appropriate shelving aisle for storage.

Cogan Mezzanines provide a fast, cost effective way to put the unused vertical space you already have to work for you. Look up, do you have space already available to turn into that valuable storage space you need right now?

Latest Cogan Wire Partition Installed in Metro-West Boston

Here are some pictures from the latest Cogan Wire Partition job to be installed in New England. The dealer, United Industrial Service, Inc., did a first class job with this project. The two Cogan Partition cages will be used for parts storage at a manufacturing facility outside of Boston. The cage with the service window and man door was designed and installed with the anticipation, when budgets allow, of adding a Cogan Mezzanine inside it, which will effectively double the storage space within the same footprint.

Cogan Wire & Metal Introduces a New Line of Rack Gates

 Cogan sliding gates are the custom solution for securing your racking without limiting accessibility. Mounted on a galvanized steel top track with heavy-duty galvanized trolleys, their sliding gates are built strong for serious industrial applications. The fully-suspended design allows for easy access when using forklifts, pallet jacks and other in-plant vehicles. Sliding gates are framed in structural angle and reinforced with tubing on both sides for superior rigidity.

Custom built to your specific needs, sliding gates are ideal for safeguarding inventory and picking areas. Use them to control traffic and limit circulation along sensitive alley ways. Cogan living rack gates are available in a variety of standard sizes ranging from 3′ wide x 8′ high to 12′ wide x 30′ high. Standard accessories include a bolted handle and padlock hasps. All gates are sealed in a grey powder-coated paint finish for maximum durability.

Cogan Econo-Fence Hanging Lockers

 This system offers a fully-suspended unit featuring a spacious 6′, 7′ or 8’W x 4’H x 3’D interior. All side floor and transom panels are made of unframed 2″ x 2″ x 6 and 8 GA electro-galvanized welded wire mesh. This innovative design allows for any necessary trimming around water pipes, wall irregularities and other obstructions to be done on-site, eliminating costly installation charges. Slide frames are made of 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 16GA square tubing and come pre-welded with adjustable ceiling plates for easy adaptability on uneven surfaces. All upper and lower tracks, as well as doors are sealed with a silver powder coated paint finish. All hanging locker systems are equipped with 2 sliding doors. Padlock hasps and door stoppers come standard with all systems. Cogan’s expertise in condo lockers contributes greatly to the success of the easy to order, easy to install storage solution for Condo garages, or and parking garage applications. See the full line of Cogan Condo Lockers here.

Cogan Mezzanine Dealer’s Case Study