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Berner International Air Entrance System

Berner Air Entance SystemKeep Your Doors Open

The free, unobstructed flow of traffic is an important factor in planning access to your facility. Berner International, is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of air curtains, offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for high traffic entrance ways – The Berner Air Entrance System. This innovative entrance system provides a recirculated air seal, through concealed ductwork, effectively creating a barrier between indoor and outdoor temperature conditions. Open access, safety, and energy efficiency are created out of thin air with the Berner Air Entrance System – the only air entrance system backed by the engineering expertise of Berner International.

Berner Air Entrance System Graphic

Berner Vinyl Strip Doors

Berner Strip Door Drawing Create an affordable environmental barrier

Berner International offers a wide range of vinyl strip door products. Our easily-installed, easily-maintained hardware is adaptable to practically any application. That is why customers turn to Berner when traffic demands an open door.

Reduce energy losses and improve your working environment with Berner vinyl strip doors. Everyone knows that open doors lose energy. Heated or cooled air escapes through each opening every time the door is open. This can be quite costly as energy costs continue to rise, not to mention the comfort levels of employees and customers.

Contact Berner International for your strip door needs. We will work closely with you to determine the best strip door for you.

There is a Berner Strip Door for your application:

  • Walk in coolers/freezers
  • Loading docks
  • Conveyor openings
  • Crane ways
  • Noise barriers
  • Interior partitions
  • Animal doorways
  • Clean rooms
  • Temperature control in freezers and coolers
  • Weather protection in shipping and receiving doors
  • Sound control around machinery and between rooms

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fewer accidents at doorways
  • Improves traffic flow
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Reduced coil icing
  • Extended shelf life for refrigerated products
  • Energy savings

Berner Industrial Strip Doors are approved for

  • Food Service Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Dairies
  • Bottling Plants

Product Details

  • Available in standard clear
  • USDA low-temp
  • Double ribbed strips— offering maximum durability under heavy use where forklifts are required.
  • Colored strips can be used to highlight entrance points. Enhanced safety.

Berner International Door Heaters

Berner Door Heater

Heating loss has always been a problem when shipping and receiving doors are frequently opened and closed. The infiltration of cold air makes it difficult to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Berner Direct Gas Fired Door Heater’s are the economical solution to this problem. A duct axial fan directs a high velocity stream of heated air towards the door opening. The hot air mixes with the incoming cold air providing a warm comfortable environment.

The door heater is activated through a limit switch. When the door is opened there is a brief pre-purge and safety function check. The fan starts, directing a high velocity stream of hot air that heats the incoming cold air.

Engineered for versatility the door heater can be mounted at any angle between horizontal and vertical to satisfy most applications. All heaters are factory assembled and shipped ready for connection to electric power and natural gas supplies.

Standard Features

  • Electronic Flame Safeguard with LED Status Indicating Lights
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Control Transformer
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Sparktrode
  • Interrupted Pilot
  • Main Fuel Safety Valve
  • High & Low Gas Pressure Switches*
  • High Temperature Limit Switch
  • Remote Station for Floor Mounting with Status Indicating Lights and Summer/Off/Winter Selector Switch
  • Door Switch
  • Air Flow Switch
  • Rear Inlet Guard
  • Block & Vent Valves**
  • 12 Ga. Hot Rolled Steel Housing
  • Finish is Air-Dry Alkyd Enamel Applied over Phosphatized Steel
  • F.M. & I.R.I. Models Available

* I.R.I. units only, ** F.M. units only

Berner Air Curtains – Commercial Entrance Air Doors


Berner Air Doors

Commercial Entrance Air Doors are becoming widely used in building entrances to reduce energy consumption and provide comfort. In the winter, they retain warm inside air and prevent the influx of cold air. They can also supply additional heat in the door area using optional electric, steam, or hot water heaters. In the summer, air doors keep hot humid air out and prevent the escape of air conditioning. The working principle of Commercial Entrance air doors is to provide the most effective air screen possible without blowing so hard that it is objectionable to people passing through.

Air doors are ideal for application on high-traffic doorways in commercial establishments such as stores, restaurants, and banks, and in public buildings such as hospitals, terminals, and schools. In many cases, where a vestibule was installed or planned to reduce the inflow of outside air, an air door is a better approach. This is particularly true for high-traffic entrances where both doors are frequently open at the same time, defeating the purpose of the vestibule. A continuously operating air door allows the vestibule to be dispensed with, resulting in large savings-both in initial cost and operating cost-and increasing the usable floor area.

In addition to providing comfort through the elimination of cold drafts and the addition of heat to door areas, Commercial Entrance air doors have many other benefits. For example, they can decrease door maintenance costs since doors need to be opened and closed less often. In restaurants, they stop uncomfortable cold drafts at customers’ feet. Many schools purchase air doors to save energy and find that as an additional benefit they keep floors dry and safe and hallways warm during winter months. In buildings with high ceilings, the air door recirculates the warm stratified air that rises to the ceiling.

Commercial Entrance air doors are quiet and compact and pay for themselves in a very short time. Most units may be used all year round, and are adjustable for seasonal conditions using a multi-speed motor.

Berner Air Curtains: A Viable Alternative to Vestibules

Berner Air Curtains: An Alternative to Vestibules

Not all buildings have room for vestibules. Not all owners want a vestibule, and there are spaces where a vestibule is just not practical or takes away from the design intent.

As part of our response to the Design and Construction Community asking for information and data to support using an air curtain in place of or along with a vestibule, we did two things:

  1. We researched air curtain (a.k.a. “air door”) effectiveness via both CFD modeling and physical testing,
  2. We went to AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association) and asked AMCA to do its own research on air curtain effectiveness on behalf of all the air curtain manufacturers.

Here is the Berner infographic summarizing the results. Please click on the link below to view the full size PDF version.

Not Sure Which Berner Door You Need?

Question MarkNot sure which of Berner’s Air Doors will fit the application you have? Use Berner’s Site Application Survey. Answer the questions and let the experts at Berner Air Door help you to the right solution.

Three Basic Door Switches – Berner Air Curtains

Three common types of door switches used to turn on & off a Berner Air Curtain.

Berner VSA/VSB Air Door

Berner VSA-VSB

Berner Air Doors, VSA/VSB Air Door

  • FULLY ASSEMBLED UNIT No on-site assembly required
  • EASY ACCESS TO WORKING COMPONENTS Removable top and bottom access covers
  • MOUNTING LENGTHS UP TO 16 FEET WIDE Ideal for shipping and receiving doors
  • QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT The average Berner air door pays for itself in less than two year.



Standard Features:

  • Lengths from 36″ to 192″
  • High efficiency, low noise Pro-V Nozzle (patent pending)
  • Galvanized steel blower wheels and housing
  • Airfoil aluminum air directional vanes
  • Gray powder coated finish with mill aluminum inlet screen
  • 16 gauge aluminum steel cabinet
  • 1/2″ mounting holes (wall or top mounting)
  • No field assembly required
  • VSA – 1/2 hp motor(s)
  • VSB – 1 hp motor(s)
  • Unheated or hearted (electric, steam, hot water or indirect gas)
  • 5 year parts warranty (unheated units), 2 year (heated units)
  • Crafted with pride in the USA


  • Insect Control 10′
  • Environmental Separation 12′


  • Conveyor
  • Cooler/Freezer Door
  • Shopping Cart
  • Service Door
  • Shipping/Receiving

How a Berner Air Door Works

Berner How Air Doors WorkBerner Air Doors provide a powerful uniform stream of air engineered to separate environments and to protect openings against: Flying Insects, Dust, Fumes and Airborne Contaminants.