Akro Mils InSight Bins

A visible difference in storage & organization! Akro Mils InSight® Ultra-Clear Bins provide easy and maximum visibility to users in a sleek, modern design. These clear hang and stack bins are constructed of super-tough polycarbonate and are autoclavable for use in medical applications. Optional lids protect contents from dust — will stack with lids in place. Optional clear length and width dividers available. Perfect for a variety of settings — from industrial to healthcare!

ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

SizzrDoc HLD Series Loading Dock Lifts

The most completely equipped loading docks by Presto ECOA, with the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 6,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 in. to 96 x 144 in.

Standard Features

  • Safety tread steel plate platform and bridge plate with 2 safety chains
  • Removable steel handrails
  • Four safety chains with snap hooks
  • Structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes
  • Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
  • Velocity fuses on cylinders
  • Upper travel limit switch
  • Mechanical upper travel back-up stops
  • Double wire braid pressure hoses
  • 5 HP. 230/460V. 3PH.60Hz
  • Pushbutton pendant control
  • 24V operating control voltage




Cogan Mezzanine Going into Boston’s Metro West

This Cogan Mezzanine is being installed in a new  vehicle dealership in Boston’s Metro West. The area above and below the mezzanine will be used for parts storage on steel shelving. The column lines fall where they won’t interfere with the flow of material or impact access to the storage area. A Cogan Mezzanine Safety Pivot Gate is included to allow for a safe pallet drop area on the mezzanine.

Akro Mils Plastic Container Selection Guide

Cogan Mezzanine Video

Cogan Mezzanine to Install Next Week in Central Mass

This Cogan Mezzanine will be installed next week above a new production area. The mezzanine will be used primarily to support equipment used in the manufacturing process. Personnel access to the deck will be limited and a Cogan Caged Ladder used to access the deck when necessary. We’ve also incorporated a 5′ lift out gate allowing forklift access to a pallet drop area on the deck. The deck will extend to the walls on both the North and West sides of the mezzanine. By extending the deck right to the wall it eliminates the need for handrail and saves on some cost.

The deck is also cantilevered over an existing curb that protrudes into the room on the West end of the drawing. It’s quite common for curbs, pipes, ventilation and other obstacles to be present in the areas you want to install a mezzanine in. It’s important to take them all into account and design accordingly before the mezzanine is manufactured and delivered.

Latest Cogan Condo Locker Install in Western MA

Cogan’s Condo Locker Install in Western, MA

Here’s the latest Cogan Condo Locker job being installed in a condo renovation in Western Mass. The GC contacted us and we put him in touch with a local dealer who could make site visits to measure and check conditions as well as handle the turn key installation. Whether you’re new construction or retrofitting an existing building let Cogan design your Condo Locker solution.

DuraStar Casters Modular Components

Build your own casters with modular components from DuraStar Casters

Build your own casters from modular caster parts (caster yoke, nut and kingpin are all separate). Its’s the same as the DuraStar 21 Series when assembled. When you require a unique configuration in 1-1/4″ wide wheel casters, anything is possible.

Light Medium Duty Casters

Load Capacity 350 lbs/160 kg

Industries and Applications

  • Food Service
  • Electronics
  • Institutional
  • Office


  • 12mm Bolt Kingpin; nut 3/8″ (heat treated)
  • 5/32″ (4mm) top plate, cold forged
  • 1/8″ (3mm) yoke; heavy gauged cold rolled dteel
  • Double ball b earring raceways
  • Zinc plated finish


Nexel Wire 5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack

Nexel Wire 5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Rack

Nexel Wire 5 Gallon Water Bottle Storage Racks organize your bottles and stores them off the floor. Easy access and circulation of new and used bottles.



  • Easily organize and store bulky 5 gallon water bottles.
  • Assembles and adjusts without tools.
  • 600-800 lb. capacity for each shelf.
  • Poly-Z-Brite finish shelves and posts.
  • Adjustable feet allows precise height adjustment of each post for complete rack stability.


Prime Alliance Adds Durastar Casters to it’s Lineup

Prime Alliance Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of  the Durastar Caster brand to our line card. 

Established in 1985, DuraStar Caster and Wheel manufactures a diverse product line featuring a wide array of industrial and institutional casters, wheels, and accessories.  Other products include specialty casters, wire containers, polyurethane rollers, and custom wire carts.