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Akro Mils ULTRA/Deck® Platform Truck Video

Akro Mils InSight Bins

A visible difference in storage & organization! Akro Mils InSight® Ultra-Clear Bins provide easy and maximum visibility to users in a sleek, modern design. These clear hang and stack bins are constructed of super-tough polycarbonate and are autoclavable for use in medical applications. Optional lids protect contents from dust — will stack with lids in place. Optional clear length and width dividers available. Perfect for a variety of settings — from industrial to healthcare!

Akro Mils Plastic Container Selection Guide

Cogan Mezzanine Video

Cogan Long Span Racking

Cogan has introduced a long span rack product to help utilize the unused space in your factory. It’s a unique product that can span up to 40 feet even with heavy loads. 





Akro-Mils ProCart™

Akro Mils ProCart

The ProCart from Akro-Mils

Hinged side gates on both shelves flip up or down to convert the structural foam ProCart to a flat-top or a box-top cart. Compared to ordinary “four post” carts, loading and unloading boxes on the ProCart’s lower shelf is a snap with its I-Beam design. Each shelf holds 200 lbs., adding up to a 400-lb. maximum payload.

Our optional nine-rail system and interchangeable AkroBins® (sold separately) offer the ultimate solution in mobile storage and organization!

Watch the Akro-Mils ProCart Video below.

Akro-Mils Nest & Stack Totes Now Come In Clear

clearNST2_heroAs you plan your shipping, transfer and storage options, Akro-Mils Nest & Stack Totes. These durable totes stack with or without lids, and nest when empty.

Now available in 9 sizes and 4 colors, including Clear.



Presto Lifts Portable Lift Table Video

Presto Lifts Portable Lift TablesPresto Lifts line of portable lift tables are ideal for transporting loads to and from work cells, where they can be used as work platforms or raised and lowered to facilitate load transfer to tables or benches. Choose from Manual (foot pump) or Electric  (pushbutton) configurations.

Presto Lifts High Lift Walkie Stackers Video

Presto Lifts High Lift

Prsto Lifts P3 All Around Video

Presto Lifts P3 All AroundPresto Lifts P3 All Around load levelers automatically adjust the height of palletized loads as boxes are added and removed. This keeps loads at a comfortable height and eliminates bending, reaching and stretching. A turntable ring allows workers to spin the load so they are always working on the near side of the pallet.