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Plant Visit with Presto ECOA

I had the chance to get out on a Rep training visit with Presto ECOA to the factory in Manila, AR. The reps from around the country were out there to get training on the new ECOA line and to be brought up to speed on how the transition is going.

Production is in full swing and lead times are improving every week. The engineering took some time to straighten out and we can expect steady improvement on delivery times.

Below are a few shots from the floor of the factory showing a few ECOA models being built.



ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

SizzrDoc HLD Series Loading Dock Lifts

The most completely equipped loading docks by Presto ECOA, with the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 6,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 in. to 96 x 144 in.

Standard Features

  • Safety tread steel plate platform and bridge plate with 2 safety chains
  • Removable steel handrails
  • Four safety chains with snap hooks
  • Structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes
  • Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
  • Velocity fuses on cylinders
  • Upper travel limit switch
  • Mechanical upper travel back-up stops
  • Double wire braid pressure hoses
  • 5 HP. 230/460V. 3PH.60Hz
  • Pushbutton pendant control
  • 24V operating control voltage




ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

ECOA Loading Dock Lifts

SizzrDok HLD Series Loading Dock Lifts

The most completely equipped loading docks with the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 6,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 in. to 96 x 144 in. Contact ECOA for special applications.





Presto Adds ECOA to their Line of Products

In late 2016 ECOA became part of the Presto Lifts family. We are proud to continue the ECOA tradition of excellence that began in 1960.

Our line of ECOA Industrial Lifting Products include: Lift Tables, Extended Vertical Travel Lifts, Heavy-Duty Lifts, Upenders and Tilters, and Custom Designed Products.

An ECOA Lift Table that could withstand seismic variations


 ECOA Lift produced a lift table that could withstand seismic variations. This customer needed a lift table that could withstand seismic variations (earth quakes) and remain stable and safe. The material that is on the lift is very toxic and dangerous. The operation required the material to be loaded on a carrier and the carrier was rolled on to the lift and raised to a height that allowed to material to be moved off the lift to its final destination.

The red cylinders control the added legs used for stability in case of ground vibrations. The lift is raised and the legs are then moved to a vertical position and aligned with cup receivers and lowered it to those receivers for security.
The operating system can not operate unless all moving parts are in there correct position and only then will the lift operate. If at any time any of the movable components become out of position the lift will immediately stop until the situation is corrected.

Because of the proximity to a very hot area the paint and components had to be of special material to resist the heat.

Now that’s a long lift, ECOA Lifts

long For 30 years ECOA has been building extraordinary lifts for customers that have specific applications. Although this unit is in excess of 40 feet long it is not the longest unit that ECOA has ever built. Customer requirements in the past have caused ECOA to send lifts in two sections to be assembled on location.

Presto Lifts New Fully Powered PowerJack

Presto Lifts PowerJak 3Presto Lifts introduces their new PowerJak™ powered pallet truck.

PowerJak™ Electric Pallet Trucks feature powered lift and powered drive for effortless transport of pallet loads. They are more convenient and easier to use than hand pallet trucks and far more economical than ride on devices.

Two Models of PowerJak Electric Pallet Trucks are available. The PPJ3000 is a standard-duty 3,000 lb. capacity unit and the PPJ4500 is heavy-duty 4,500 lb. capacity unit.

  • Ergonomic handle with redundant controls for left- or right-hand use
  • Variable speed forward and reverse with Turtle Speed
  • Automatic brake engages to halt travel if handle is released
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel forks have 24″ load center
  • 24 Volt drive and lift motors provide ample power
  • Dual, articulating casters roll easily on uneven surfaces
  • Battery indicator provides charge status at a glance
  • Hour meter simplifies maintenance scheduling

Presto Lifts PowerJak 1 Presto Lifts PowerJak 2

Presto Lifts Introduces the All New P3-SPRING


P3-SPRING Features

  • Load height adjusts automatically
  • Spring actuated – No power required
  • Low-friction turntable
  • Efficient Compact Design
  • Stable base – No lagging required
  • Fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Includes; Set of 3 calibrated springs
  • Handles loads from 400 lbs to 4,500 lbs

The P3-SPRING Level Loader from Presto Lifts improves the efficiency of manual pallet loading and unloading jobs by eliminating bending, stretching, and walking around the pallet.

Heavy-duty calibrated springs lower or raise pallets as boxes are added or removed. The anti-friction turntable top lets workers stand in the same position throughout the loading and unloading process.

The P3-SPRING is designed so that its base and all components fit within the diameter of the turntable ring. This allows workers to stand up close to the unit at any position around the ring with no obstructions to reach over.

Presto 70 Years

Prime Alliance Marketing’s Lines to Show at MODEX 2016 in Atlanta

Modex LogoPrime Alliance Marketing is going to the Modex show in Atlanta, GA in early April 2016.

Here’s a list of who we have showing and their booth numbers:

As always we hope to run into many dealers from New England at the show. Please stop into the booths and say hello.

Presto Lifts Announces a New Model LiftStik

Presto New LiftStikNew LiftStik Model PLS53-150

A more compact design with a faster lifting speed and superior maneuverability.

The ideal lift for stockrooms and fast pace production areas.

LiftStik Features & Specifications:

  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • 150 lb. capacity
  • 4 1/2″ Lowered Platform height
  • 53″ Raised Platform height
  • Fast Lifting Speed: 4.75 inches per second
  • Choice of HDPE (Plastic or Laminated Wood Platform
  • 24V DC Power Unit with Battery & 115V charger
  • Ball-bearing wheels roll easily over any surface

See the complete line of LiftStik models here.